onsdag 1 februari 2012


So, finally arrived to Monrovia. Container with stuff for home "to be", still sitting in Sweden as the apartment here is not yet ready. Meanwhile living out of a suitcase at a hotel. It is amazing how little you actually, really, need... And back home, the apartment "lost" 15 qbm of stuff. Can barely be noticed... again, same question - do we really need all the things we tend to gather...?
A place like Monrovia is a marvel when it comes to reusing things that we would have thrown away a long time ago. Some is not so good for the environment (old European and US gas guzzler cars come here to die), some not so bad (old plastic buckets for paint can be used for many things, for many years). Note the old grey armoured money transport truck (in the center of the picture) getting a new paint job...

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